Guess the song – Game

Guess the song

 A game that can be virtually played and a game that will be super fun for groups of people to play. AorBorC created this game with Zoho Creators, and it is sure to amuse the players with interesting fun – and this game is called “Guess the song!”

How does the game work? 

This game builds rapport with a group of people and could also be played as an ice-breaker if a speaker addresses a group of people. This can be played virtually or can also be played live with a big visible screen to everyone. The song’s words are separated and put in each box, and the players can be called up to play the game. Now, the player gets to choose which box to open first, and right after, one word from the song will fade in. The words in the boxes will not be sequentially arranged; therefore, the order of the word in the song would have to be arranged by the player. 

The player can attempt to guess the song right after seeing one word or can choose to open another box to make it easy, but the points would go down. After they guess the song, the player would have to sing the song to secure more points and they win points if their guess is correct. If it isn’t correct, the audience could utilise the chance. 

AorBorC and the game: 

The team members of AorBorC meet every Friday to connect with each other, and also play games to know each other better. This game is played during those times, and it surely did keep everyone happy and excited. 

Game Link and Help:

Install the Application

Create a Zoho Account

If you do not have a Zoho account, create one and log in to

Install the application

Once you are logged in, access this link to install the application

Hep and contact

If you need help, you can use our contact page or initiate a chat request here or send an email to support [at] aorborc [dot] com

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