Google Apps Script

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Google Apps Script

All your productivity apps from Google workspace could be so much more than what they are on their own.

Ever thought about integrating your Gmail to your Calendar so that it creates automatic events based on the content of your e-mails? Or maybe sending personalized automated e-mails to your employees on their birthday? The possibilities are endless.

All this and so much more is achievable with Google Apps Script.

Google Apps Script

What is Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is a cloud-based scripting language that helps stretch and magnify the functional capabilities of Google Apps.

What are the Possibilities?

Google Apps Script can integrate any Google app to another. It can also connect all the Google Apps to any third-party service that you may have in mind.

From Zoho Creator to Basecamp, from Oracle to Salesforce. Anything and everything can be interconnected to suit your requirements.

For instance, any data from your Gmail, Google Forms, Calendar, Contacts, etc. can be integrated with any external service of your choice.

The norm isn’t the way to go any more. Expand and enhance the power of your preferred Google Apps with Google Apps Script.

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