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As a growing business, do you remember the day you got your first client?

Sure you would! You would have been over the moon with happiness. The first client is always special. You would be able to recall almost every detail of the first project you did for them. You might even recall their phone numbers and email ids as once upon a time, those were the only numbers you called and only people you mailed.

But today, you may have plenty of clients from different parts of the world. Would you have all of their information in your fingertips as you did with your first client? No.

As your client base grows, you will need solid support to keep track of all the information related to your clients. You will need an inventory of all the customer data which will be systematically sorted as per your needs. You will need a reliable tool that can help with your day-to-day activities relating to Customer Support, Sales and Marketing. A software that makes your life easier when dealing with your clients.

You will need a CRM.

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What is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software that aids in organizing and managing customer data, such that it improves the buying experience for the customer and the selling experience for the business.

It comes with an array of automated techniques that simplify and alleviate customer experience by analyzing their expectations using available data, thereby promoting long-lasting relations with customers.

It also helps in identifying potential future customers and building your customer base. Simply put, CRM leads your business towards growth and expansion, while easing the process immensely.

A basic CRM will have various features such as Contact Management, Lead Management, Sales Forecast and Analytics, Management of Client Communications, Dashboards for ease of data access etc.


Designed by Zoho Corporation, who are experts in the field of Software Development Services, Zoho CRM is one of the most sought-after online solutions in the market. This CRM has been expertly designed, to efficiently manage sales, marketing, customer support and other aspects of business with ease.


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1. User-friendly Interface

Zoho CRM has arguably the most straightforward and simple-to-adopt User Interface in the market. There are plenty of other CRMs out there, where users will require extensive training to understand the working process. But, this is not the case with ZOHO CRM. It is very much direct and User-friendly and therefore, happens to be the first choice for most businesses.

2. Affordable without missing out on Quality

With multiple tiers to choose from, Zoho CRM offers a plethora of specialized features even at the basic level, making it one of the most affordable CRMs in the market. Unlike many other CRMs in the market, Zoho offers flexible monthly or annual renewal options for you to choose from. And would you really say No to high quality at a reasonable price?

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3. Customizable, Just as you require.

Each business has its own process, customers and are unique in the way they operate. As an element of significance, the CRM should be flexible so that it may be tweaked to suit business needs. Zoho CRM understands these prerequisites. It is adaptable and accommodating and can be tailored as per your wishes.

4. CRM Integration with Third Party Applications

Zoho CRM offers the prospects of integration with a long list of third party applications for convenience. This CRM has been built in a way that it makes it easier to do everyday tasks. It brings together the apps and services that are frequently used by most business people on a single platform.


5. Mobile App for Convenience and Full Time Accessibility

With a fully equipped mobile app, enhance your productivity on the go anytime, anywhere. You would have access to your contacts, sales data, emails and much more with the Zoho CRM Mobile App. You would even be able to generate prospective leads near you with the ‘Find Nearby Customers’ option. And of course, the app is free and can be accessed in both Android as well as iOS platforms.

6. Zia – Your AI Sales Assistant

Zoho CRM features an AI driven assistant who has all the answers. Zia is a conversational assistant who understands instructions through text as well as voice. The scope of using Zia for everyday activities is huge. It helps save a lot of time and efforts while giving a detailed insight into interesting aspects of your business.


It is a known fact that Zoho Corporation is one of the market leaders in the field of Business Software Development. It is not without reason that Zoho CRM has been awarded, time and again by various note-worthy entities for being the best CRM in the Market.

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