NodeJS App Development

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According to, the most used framework by developers worldwide as of 2020 is Node JS. The growth of Node JS in the IT world in the past few years is tremendous. That can’t be without reason, yeah?

What is NODE JS?

Node JS is a cross platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment that lets us develop up fast and lightweight applications easily.

Why choose Node JS?


Node JS allows building apps that can grow along with your business. The applications can be scaled horizontally or vertically and is a great choice for start-ups and existing businesses with growth plans for the near future.

Good Speed and Performance

Node JS runs on Google’s V8 engine and is built in such a way that it boosts the speed of the framework. It also delivers optimum performance owing to the fact that V8 and Node JS are constantly updated.

Community Support

The huge Node JS community is constantly evolving with the contributions and support of fellow developers. The wealth of knowledge available here encourages learning and continuous improvement.

Simple to Learn

As it is based on Javascript, Node JS is simple to learn and execute. Because of the similarities, developers can easily tackle the framework in very little time even if they are new to it.

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