AorBorC Streamlines BigBasket’s CapEx Procurement with Custom ERP, Powered by Zoho Creator, Leading to Significant Savings

In a groundbreaking initiative to enhance operational efficiency and optimize capital expenditure (CapEx) procurement, AorBorC, collaborated with BigBasket, India’s largest online grocery store. BigBasket, known for its commitment to technological innovation, sought to automate their CapEx procurement process to streamline operations and achieve cost savings. AorBorC took on the challenge, leveraging their expertise and Zoho Creator’s powerful capabilities to build a custom ERP solution tailored to BigBasket’s specific requirements.

Recognizing the potential of an automated system to streamline and expedite the CapEx procurement process, AorBorC embarked on a comprehensive analysis of BigBasket’s existing workflows and identified pain points that hindered efficiency. Armed with these insights, the development team devised a strategic roadmap to design and implement a robust ERP system.

Using Zoho Creator as the foundation for the custom ERP solution, AorBorC capitalized on its extensive customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and user-friendly interface to create a tailored software solution aligned with BigBasket’s unique needs. The team meticulously crafted a suite of modules within the ERP system, encompassing requisition management, purchase order processing, vendor management, and inventory control.

The requisition management module was designed to automate and centralize the entire CapEx procurement cycle, allowing BigBasket’s employees to submit purchase requests effortlessly. The system facilitated quick approvals, minimizing delays and streamlining the overall procurement workflow. AorBorC ensured that the user interface was intuitive, simplifying the requisition submission process and minimizing the learning curve for employees.

Additionally, AorBorC’s expert developers integrated powerful analytics and reporting features into the ERP system, enabling BigBasket’s management to gain valuable insights into spending patterns, vendor performance, and inventory optimization. This empowered the company to make data-driven decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities, and negotiate better terms with suppliers.

Throughout the development process, AorBorC collaborated closely with BigBasket’s stakeholders, conducting regular feedback sessions to ensure the solution met their expectations. The development team addressed any challenges promptly, fine-tuning the system to deliver a seamless user experience and optimal performance.

Once the custom ERP solution was deployed, BigBasket experienced remarkable results within a short period. The automation of the CapEx procurement process significantly reduced manual intervention, eliminated redundancies, and enhanced overall efficiency. As a result, BigBasket saved INR 3 crores in just six months, a testament to the efficacy of AorBorC’s solution.

AorBorC’s successful collaboration with BigBasket exemplifies their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions that drive business growth. By harnessing Zoho Creator’s capabilities and their expertise in software development, AorBorC empowered BigBasket to revolutionize their CapEx procurement, optimize spending, and achieve substantial cost savings.

As AorBorC continues to pioneer innovative software solutions, their collaboration with BigBasket stands as a testament to the transformative power of customized ERPs and the significant value they bring to organizations across various industries.

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