React Native

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What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source Mobile App Development Framework that uses JavaScript. Launched by Facebook in 2015, this also powers the Facebook and Instagram apps which are some of today’s most used apps world-wide.

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Why Choose React Native?


1.Cross Platform

React Native allows usage of same code for both Android and IOS platforms. It uses JavaScript and gives a native-like performance while saving time and effort as there is no need to create separate codes for different platforms.


All the information that a developer might need will be available for free in the Online community. The huge React Native Community can also be counted upon for expert help when facing any issues.



Creating cross platform native apps is generally very much time consuming and expensive. It requires time and money that may not be in the cards for start-ups and SMBs. React Native is an excellent prospect for such instances and builds high performance apps at low cost that can used on multiple platforms.

4.Third Party Plugins

React Native allows you to customize your app by integrating it with a variety of third-party plugins of your choice. This ensures convenience along with high performance for your tailor-made app.



As a product of Facebook and currently being used by top giants in the market, there is no doubt that this is a reliable framework for your app. And with the strong Community support every step of the way, this is an ideal choice for your Mobile App.


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