Hunt Bike Wheels

It is the client website which will based on the fresh desk customization of the customer portal. This will be related to the client website that are designed. Thus, the shopify URL with the shopify theme. Thus it will support by rising the new ticket, then by supporting the tickets with the submission of the ticket, email, order number and description. There will be search and the predefined queriers. You are to have the technical queries, shipping and returns, product enquiries, orders updates and privacy policy. You are to have the submit form which will get the email, order number and description of the problem. You can also have the attach file option with the captcha. You will also have the technical queries which will have the brief explanation bringing out the solutions to the queries. You will have numerous products which are about to have the product details. You will have the image snippet of each product with the product name, price and stock availability. If you are about to buy the product then you will be adding it to the cart. This application is customized in such a way bringing out the needs of the clients. You will also have the help section where the generic strategies have been discussed to the customers. You have an option to add the tickets newly for the support. You can add up stuff based on the need of the customer. You are about to have the product enquiries for your products.