HTA Application

This application is similar to the courier services which dispatch the goods to the customer. This application will have the dispatch form that are led by the admin with the tech assigned to the customer based on their needs of delivery.

Dispatch Form:

Customer dispatch form will have the data for the pickup and dispatch collected for the product that are about to be delivered. Once the dispatch have been created by the customer the FST will be generated automatically. E-mail have been sent to the admin in order to assign the tech and they will check the FST that are unassigned. Tech will be assigned based on their availability to the customer on the dates by checking the dates of the customer which can be extended.

FST details

Details will be found in the dispatch form which will have 4 or 5 entries. FST will also have the image format that can be attached over this form. Once the job is completed on the daily basis invoice will be created for the stores. In the end of the month invoice will be sent to the client in the same way these invoice sent to the tech needed to be paid by the particular company.

Tech View

In these form you will have the detail of the assigned job as well the images which have been attached are available. Once the tech done with the job assigned the FST number will be locked and the invoice will be created for the respective number.