Docu sign is a application that are designed with the Zoho integration for the online signature like the sign.You are about to have the request which are created when the user tend to give the request through the email signature.Your documents will be signed successfully as a result of the application creation your signature will be signed.Docu sign also let the user of the application in order to upload the document where they needed to be signed for the business needs. Docu sign comprises of the major step which leads to the successful signing of the document.Docu sign undergoes series of process which are followed for signing of the documents this involves the hitting of the request to the URl will be sent by the user to the URl who needs their document to be signed .Once you are about to hit request you are to have the email that are about to be sent.After the user tend to get the email they are notified where they are about to be signed indicating the area over the document that the user wanted to sign the document. Docu sign with the documents that are uploaded for the signature have been notified to sign the document.There are two types of signers which involves the one signers and two signers.If the user requires one signature he will fall under one signers else he will be pushed under the two signers who needs two signature.At last after signing the documents that are uploaded user tend to submit.