DGC Style

Designer will design the own product and give it to the company, which will be marketed by the agent to the individual or customer who wants to buy the product. Commission need to be paid by the designer at the end of the sale. DGC style application tend to have three users which involves the admin, agent and designers.

Designer Form

DGC style application will have the basic information about the designer which involves the Name of the designer, e-mail of the designer and the phone number of the designer will be collected and these can be used by the customer for their references.

Product Form

DGC style application will have the product form that have the information about the product, designer, commission to each and every individual product.

Customer Invoice

DGC style application will have the agents who will go to the people and do marketing if the customer is interested to like the product invoice will be created. Customer will be charged by the DCG Company. The designer will pay the invoice having the buttons that would generate the po for the designers automatically. In the end of the month admin will generate the designer invoice with the button for closed po invoice that will be raised for the designer DCG who will check as well as pay the commission.