Travel Management

Travel management application is, specially designed for the travel agency they are to have the user Id that are given to all the clients created with the theme of master and slave. Request of the clients will be served up by the travel management application with the user ID available.This application will be different with un authorized admin that have restrictions to the different users. Application constitute of the two dashboards which tend to be an admin and the platform users. Super admin will be responsible for overall performance that have the authentication of the users. Platform users will have the permission or the authority from the admin who will manage the users. Platform users will have employees over their hands.This application constitutes of four users, which involves the super admin, admin, platform users and the Employes. Based on the hierarchy they will be authorized; super admin will be in the upper hierarchy who will be having the overall authentication to the application. Admin will be authorized by the super admin with the permission you can access the requests accordingly .Platform users who will give permission from the super admin and admin will be applicable to the employees. Employees will be in the lower hierarchy. This will be managed in such a way with the needs of the request and the email notifications will be probably sent to the clients. The Travel management application is built in such a way that you have admission which have different users with the restrictions.