Data Driver Training

This application is specially designed for driving school in order to manage day to day functionality in the driving school. There are numerous students in the institute the classes will be assigned. Certification to every individual after completion of the classes with their ability to crack the exams. This certification will help them to get the driving license and to search the jobs in driving. Recruiter will also have the background verification with the institute for the candidates who are searching for driver jobs to check with the genuineness of the individual. Based on the results of the verification job will be assured for every candidate. The component of these application about to hold have been plotted out in the following.

Add Members

This module will retain you the data or the information on the members who are about to join the school for driving. These application clearly portraits the members who are added over the driving school newly.

All Exams

Module comprises two components that provides the training data for scheduling with the course list for each individual. These application will have two lists which involves teachers and student lists. They will also have download and the upload of the sign in sheet.

You will be enabled with the all exam calendar view with all class, all members with the class schedule, exam schedule ,exam pages with the schedule that tend to have the invoice form which are to have the support form and sign in sheet.