RN Management

This application has been developed by A or B or C technologies with the nurse assigned to every individual patient for their treatment with good usability. This application will check whether the nurse is working properly or not based on the availability of the nurses they are assigned to each and every individual patient There are various levels of the patient entry, which involves the internal assessment, reassessment and skilled visit.If the patient tends to stay in the same room they fall under the mutual connect category. These mutually connected patients will be assigned with the nurses they will help these mutually connected patients to be treated. They have been diagnosed and the reports have been provided. The diagnosis and treatment will be carried out in three forms which involves the check, visit and treatment.

RN Dashboard

The Dashboard will provide the information about the patient entry level, whether the patient falls below the Initial entry level or the reassignment entry level or the skilled visit entry level. These dashboards will also provide you, the patient condition active or inactive. The current status of the patient either pending or blocked will also be known with this RN dashboard. The RN or the nurses in the dashboard will be forty eight they are categorized based on the language which involves English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. This nurse or RN will also be from various or different locations with the help of this application they are recommended to treat their patients on the door.