Giphy Extensions

Giphy is the application which have been published by A or B or c technologies over the fresh desk platform categorized under the agent productivity. Giphy is about to have view modal where keyword could be searched based on your chat needs. This would have categories enabling the subcategories .You are enabled with the option to click over the images which needed to be attached also you are recommended to give the link instead of view more this would direct them directly.


1. Type a keyword into the search GIF search engine and get a number of relevant GIFs immediately.

2. Search for GIFs by categories using the menu list and the subcategories menu list.

3. Add the GIFs to your ticket editor by clicking on any GIF.


1.Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps → GIPHY.

2.Click on Install.

3.After Installation, go to any tickets.

4.Find the GIPHY app logo in the ticket reply attachments.

5.The app will be loaded in the location sidebar panel.

6.Simply search for a GIF and click on the result to insert the GIFs to your ticket reply.

Giphy Extensions Url