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Everyone knows that the quality of customer service provided by a business plays a vital role in its success. Widely acknowledged as the backbone of a business, Customer Service is one area many companies fail. In other words, overlooking Customer service can cost you your business itself. Nobody wants to be in that position, right? That’s where the need for a Helpdesk software arises.

What is a Helpdesk?

A Helpdesk is generally a place where customers find answers to their questions about a product or service they may be using. And a Helpdesk Software is an application that steps up the game by tracking all communications from users and efficiently managing them, thus driving the customer experience to the next level.

Any business, whether small or large, requires a Help desk tool that helps in managing all Customer communications effectively to excel in the Customer Service domain. What if there was an all-in-one software solution to manage all your customer queries, complaints, suggestions, and feedback with less hassle and more ease?

Introducing Freshdesk – The Helpdesk Solution that best suits your Business!

Freshdesk is a Cloud-based Customer Support Software that integrates and manages customer communications from different channels in one place. It has an intelligent and powerful interface that’s flexible to suit any business requirement while delivering a first-class Customer Support experience.

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Why Should you choose Freshdesk?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Freshdesk as the helpdesk for your business. Let’s take a look.


1. Organized and Orderly

Freshdesk brings out a painless method of managing all communications from customers in the form of tickets. It organizes all the information related to a certain communication within the ticket, thus providing the support staff with all the context from A to Z to solve customer problems without hassle.

2. Straightforward and Simple

Perhaps, the most easy-to-use Help desk software in the market that eliminates all complexities associated with Customer Support. The fact that your support staff can dive right in and start responding to the tickets and don’t require any specific training makes Freshdesk one of the best Helpdesks out there.


3. Value for Money

Freshdesk offers its most basic plan free of charge. Yeah, you read that right. Though the features of this plan are limited, it can very well suffice for small businesses. The other paid plans are also cost effective. As the price increases, so do the features. Having said that, the blossom plan offered by Freshdesk has an array of valuable features at a low price.

4. Customize, Personalize and Automate

Every business is unique and Freshdesk understands this. Your helpdesk can be customized and personalized to reflect the look and feel of your brand and can be automated as per your needs with very little time and effort.


5. Encourages Team work and improves Productivity

Teamwork is so much more comfortable with features such as Team Huddle, Traffic Cop, Agent Collision, etc. These noteworthy features also contribute to Freshdesk being a top player in the field, as it helps bring out better productivity and efficiency from employees, eliminating confusion and chaos.

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