ITC Dashboard

ITC dashboard is application for educate LLC developed by A or B or C technologies this application would be training the teacher with the fund allocated by the government. ITC dashboard will tune the coaches which will boost every individual and stay active with the good attitude wrapped. CRM and the creator are connected with leads and the address of the school, principle and basic information. Called and verified whether the school is valuable then this will be potential and converted. If this is potential then they have certain stages which need to be undertaken by the user.

ITC dashboard enables you the qualification stage enabling the interest expressed with the go to meeting option with the getting proposal for prices. They will also have the negotiation with the un - booked potential. They are to avail you the closed won. ITC dashboard enables you the invoice and PTO which involves the summary sheets, scheduling sheet and ITC log grid sheet.

ITC dashboard will also offer you the issue tracker which will enable you the sheet that are about to have the problem that the of coach about to have, will be explained briefly. This will help the coach to stay in their comfort zone. Coach to be free and to be relaxed without any stress over their life.