Styker is application developed for production based company which customize or reassemble the products based on the customer request. Styker will have home page that directs the customer request which will enable you the view of the items also have profile details. Styker will have equipment catalogue section with the filter option enabling you the product details or the description where you can add comment. You can even be explained elaborately with the video. You are about to have initiation of request which would be added or integrated with the equipment catalogue .You also have the decision tree where questions would be raised which would be filtering the products.

Projection Proposal

You will also have project proposal where you can customize your products. You are able to see your own request along with the other request. You can even know the status of the project whether the project is approved or rejected with the project proposal.

System Data Management

Franchise, region, site, vendor, process site or type which offers the requirements to the system that act as an admin processing the request. You are enabled with the User permission where you can add up the new user over here.


Styker application enables the user to know the status of your request which could show the current status whether approved or not. If they are approved they can be updated with the assigned task or the task that were available. Styker also enabled with the Purchased equipment LCM, Reporting section and Contact us.