CRM Management

Client resource management application is developed by A or B or C technologies for insurance agent that tend to plan regarding Medicare insurance. These application will have plans for buying and validation of these insurance Medicare packages. These application will hold the coverage data of the insurance holder either for the family or the self, various package would be chosen based on the needs of the individual.


In the CRM management application, admin has all the authority .He is liable to have access or use the entire application.


In CRM management application, the agent plays a major role he will contact the leads and convince them to buy the insurance package.

Data user

These user will be verifying whether the plan or the package chosen is correct, whether the data is correct will also be verified.

Supporting user

There will be issue in the plan or the client reports that are about to be solved with the support users.


This form will initially have the database for the lead which are found in online with four plans which involve the Medicare supplement, Medicare advantage, RX and brokraft records these plans will be explained to the leads which will be described to leads clearly which are subscribed by the leads based on their needs.


Once the purchase have been made then they are converted into the client. You can store the files of clients based on the insurance packages with the file storage management that are provided in the application.